Toledo OH storage rental

Storage Rental for Your Summer College Items

Looking for a short term storage rental in Toledo OH once the semester ends? Mr. Storage knows the warm beach sands and amusement parks are calling your name, but before you start traveling, store those college supplies. A storage rental here offers security and the space you need for all your posters, books, and furniture. Storing your dorm room has never be easier, start with the tips in our video below to to save space and time.

After finals and those long nights of cramming, you want to relax and enjoy the start of your summer, Mr. Storage makes this possible with renting online. Not enough time to come to the store? Rent online or give us call! Reserve your storage rental from your phone, tablet, or computer. We want to take the hassle out of storing.

Let us do the math with our storage calculator and rent the unit perfect for your gear. We have many helpful resources to make this process fast so you can get to your summer break.

Use these 6 tips when the packing boxes need filled and the summer vacation can finally begin!