Toledo OH Student Storage

Short Term Student Storage for Summer

Moving out of the dorm room? What do you do with your belongings in between semesters? Mr. Storage has you covered with our Toledo OH student storage units! A short term self storage solution can be the option that makes your transition from dorm to home easy.

With The University of Toledo right around the corner, our 3 self storage locations can be an ideal storage option. We offer small storage units if you plan on storing a few items, and large self storage units if you plan to store with a friend. Summer storage is helpful if you have a long trip home, keep school supplies close to campus and safe this summer.

College Storage Tips

  • To help in the fall, label all your boxes.
  • Calculate how much storage space you need with our storage calculator.
  • Sell past semesters books online to get back some money at the end of the year. Last month’s blog could be helpful if trying to sell items online.
  • Your mini fridge and AC unit need time to drain. Unplug your appliances, clean them out, and leave the door open with a towel underneath to catch the condensation.
  • Make sure you have plenty of storage supplies: bubble wrap, boxes, bags, and totes. If you run out or need more, our storage office is stocked with all the tools you need when storing.

Mr. Storage offers 3 self storage locations in Toledo OH to better serve our customers. Whether you have a college student coming home and you want to keep your home organized or you are a student looking for student storage, reserve your storage unit today.

Make your transition from school to summer a breeze with our Toledo OH student storage.