Self Storage Tips for the End of Summer

As the summer draws to an end, Mr. Storage wants to help you get your gear ready for storage. With our self storage tips you can keep pool toys and clothes out of the way and safe until next year. Our 3 storage facilities in Toledo OH have drive up storage and storage professionals waiting to help you rent a unit.

Self storage tips for seasonal items

Self Storage Tips Toledo OH

  • Need a place to store camping gear? Self storage provides the space and security for the tent and other tools needed for your next excursion.
  • Before storing beach supplies make sure everything has been cleaned and is now sand free.
  • Remove batteries from fans to avoid battery corrosion in these last few days of high temperatures. Ask our storage professionals about storing with temperature controlled units.
  • In order to keep your gear pest free, clean off surfaces and utensils that are used to cook food.
  • Hot water with soap will remove most stains from patio furniture. After they are clean, apply a coat of wax to plastic chairs and stain to wood materials, to keep them looking good.
  • Clean out the deck of your lawn mower and empty the gas tank to winterize this yard tool for storage.

Self storage has many helpful uses, whether it is storing your seasonal items or making room around the office. Mr. Storage provides secure drive up storage units with self storage tips to store all your belongings. Before the seasons change, our storage professionals want to make organizing your belongings simple. Talk with us today about storage options at any of our three locations in Toledo OH.