How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths

How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths

Are clothes moths continuing to damage your belongings? Removing them can seem difficult but with the right steps, you can keep them out of your home. Follow Mr. Storage’s steps to get rid of clothes moths and prevent them from reaching your items in the future. 

How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths

How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths

Finding the Clothes Moths 

Where are the clothes moths? Are you noticing them in your clothing items, by plants, or other items? It is important to identify where the pests are before beginning to remove them. Clothes moths are attracted to materials such as wool, cashmere, animal fur, and other products. Not only can they infest your clothes, but they can also reach household items such as pillows, rugs, blankets, carpets, and drapes. As you sift through your belongings, search for small holes that may have been caused by the clothes moths. You can learn more about clothes moths and the environments they inhabit by clicking here.

Removing Clutter 

Once the clothes moths have been identified, you can begin to remove damaged items from the room. Items with lingering clothes moths on them should be thrown and damaged items should be thrown away. Salvageable items can be washed. Follow the specific washing instructions provided on the labels of these items to ensure they are not damaged. If your room contains a rug or carpet, spend some time vacuuming. This will remove any dirt and dust on the floor that may attract clothes moths. Lastly, use disinfectant wipes to wipe down the surfaces in your room. The cleaner your space is, the less likely it is for clothes moths to inhabit.  

Keeping Your Space Moth-Free

If you want to keep the clothes moths out for good, you will need to maintain a clean space. If you are frequently adding new items to this room, we suggest using airtight bins for storage. You will be able to store more items in your room while also limiting access for clothes moths to infest your belongings. Clothes moths are attracted to dark and humid environments so we recommend that the space remains ventilated and well lit. Create a cleaning schedule to regularly vacuum and sweep the floor of any debris. For other clothing items that aren’t in storage bins, check them for any signs of moths. 

Mr. Storage In Toledo, OH

Mr. Storage in Toledo, Ohio is the perfect space to store your items if you don’t want to worry about any clothes moths getting to them. We offer a wide variety of units and sizes to ensure that your storage needs are met. Whether you need a unit with drive-up access, temperature control options, or parking for your RV, Mr. Storage has got you covered. Our contactless storage rentals make your to-do list a little smaller and our Toledo storage units make storing valuables easy. If you need assistance with determining what unit size you will need, use our Storage Calculator tool. Our facilities are gated and have 24 video surveillance to ensure your belongings remain safe while in storage. When putting items in storage it is important to pack them properly to prevent any damage. Check out our Storage Tips to learn more about storing items safely. Storage in Toledo couldn’t be any simpler. Reserve your unit today with Mr. Storage! 

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