Local Storage Toledo OH

How Can Local Storage Organize Your Items

Did you know local storage in Toledo OH can be the solution you need for a successful fall and winter season? A parking spot for the RV or an indoor storage option for your clothing and household items along with tips to help you through each season are just a few tasks we can help with.

See how Mr. Storage suggests using self storage to make the start of school and the cooler months more manageable.

Local Storage Toledo OH

How To Plan For The First Day of School

  1. Get to the bus on time, set an alarm 10 minutes before the arrival time as a last-minute reminder for kids still on the summer schedule.
  2. Set a bedtime a few weeks before school starts so wake ups are not as tough.
  3. The first-day outfit is picked out the night before, make this a habit the rest of the school year with a hanging shoe rack and a spot for each day’s clothing.
  4. Keep first day papers organized with a filing system like an accordion folder.
  5. Label water bottles, lunch boxes, and any loose items the kids carry from the bus to the classroom.

How To Store For Cooler Weather

  1. Find local storage near you! Mr. Storage offers 3 storage options in Toledo OH.
  2. Outdoor parking is helpful if you plan on moving the extra car or camper out of the driveway. Find parking in Toledo OH at Mr. Storage!
  3. Use hooks to keep peddle bikes off the ground in storage and to avoid flat spots.
  4. Install shelves in your storage unit to utilize the most space while storing.
  5. Remove gas from the lawnmower before parking in storage for the winter.

Mr. Storage is here to help you move, get your college kids ready for school, and assist with organizing around the house. Our local storage in Toledo OH is more than the location you want to store your belongings, we are your neighbor and storage experts for organizing your home and in your unit. Give us a call or choose a location online and rent today!