Toledo OH summer gear storage

Getting Your Summer Gear Ready

Are you making plans for summer adventures? Whether you are always the host of the neighborhood gatherings or your family spends all their time outdoors, summer gear can start to take over your home. Solve your storage issues with the convenience of Toledo’s number one storage facility, Mr. Storage.

Most of us don’t have the extra space to keep every patio chair or beach pail in our homes. So, keep your home looking great with our available space. Stop in and talk with us about how our safe secure storage units will stop your summer gear from taking over your home.

Planning an early morning fishing or hunting trip? Don’t forget to ask about access hours.


Kayak / Canoe:

  • Never store your Kayak or Canoes without a cover.
  • Check for small animals or debris before getting your boat out on the water.
  • The best spot to store a kayak or canoe is on a shelf. If you do not have the funds for a shelf, store your gear on its side, against a wall.
  • Talk with your property manager about what size unit you need. We can walk through the size requirements with you!
  • Low temperatures can damage inflatable kayaks, so consider temperature controlled options.

Patio Furniture:

  • Keep your furniture protected from the wet spring weather with covers.
  • The kid’s play area is sometimes too difficult to store, so before the youngsters get playing again, clean it up with some hot soapy water.
  • The key steps to keeping your outdoor cushions looking fresh is Wash – Dry – Store. Wash them regularly, give them proper dry time, and bring them in during harsh weather.
  • Make sure while in storage no small animals made a home in your seats. Look for rips or tears they may have caused.
  • If you are storing patio dishware make sure to label the box or use see through containers for easy finding.

When it is time for a family excursion make the most of your space and time with a storage unit at Mr. Storage.