Storage Supplies Toledo OH

5 Storage Supplies To Help You Move

Do you know what storage supplies you will need when swapping your summer gear for winter tools? Mr. Storage is not only your storage expert in Toldeo OH but we also have storage supplies for sale on site. We have 3 storage facilities in Toledo OH so you can find the storage unit that is local. While shopping for a storage unit in Toledo OH check out our storage supplies in the office.

5 Useful Storage Supplies

  1. Gloves – Our gloves have rubber gripped pads so you can hold tight to each box and not lose your grip.
  2. Wrapping Paper – Wrapping your breakables will protect them in storage and keep them looking like the first day they went in.
  3. Locks – Purchase your storage unit lock in our office; this is the last item to go on your storage unit for safekeeping.
  4. Covers – We offer covers for mattresses and furniture!
  5. Storage Unit Light – Useful when access your storage unit after the sun goes down.

Tools For Successful Moving

U-Haul provides moving trucks in the area as well as online support for purchasing moving supplies. If you are questioning how many boxes you need, use their supply tool to answer your questions.

Another useful moving tool is our storage calculator. Add how much you are moving, the entire house, dorm room, garage tools, etc. and avoid overspending for your extra space.

Mr. Storage is helping the Susan G Komen foundation one moving supply purchase at a time. October is breast cancer awareness month and we want to do our part! When you purchase your supplies with Mr. Storage we will donate a portion of the proceeds to the foundation fighting for a cure.

Make Mr. Storage in Toledo OH your next stop for all tasks moving and storing! Rent online or stop by any of our locations today.