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5 Garage Storage Ideas

Need to revamp your outdoor storage space? Make better use of your garage or shed with these ideas. Mr. Storage is here to help you find the extra space you need and get your creative organization ideas. Check out these 5 garage storage ideas the next time you want to re-do your outdoor space.

Step 1: Clean Up

Use the same method of cleaning up the house in the garage or shed. Chances are there are few tools that are broken or you rarely use. Make four piles, trash, donate, store, and keep. Consider moving a few seasonal tools to the storage units at Mr. Storage.

Make Workbench Shelves

Keep your workbench organized with shelves on the wall. Make custom shelves or use magnets to secure everything in front of your work area.

Check out these quick ideas for more shelves in your garage.

Store Large Items Elsewhere

Use Mr. Storage for storing patio chairs and tables. We have storage units for rent online and secure options for all your household items. Make your garage a place to park the car instead of storing your items, leave that to the experts at Mr. Storage.

Hang Tools Outside

Use the wall space outside your shed or garage for tools you need quickly. The back of the garage would be a useful spot for gardening tools or a few long-handled tools.

Group Similar Items Together

Whether organizing your garage or shed group similar items together. Gardening tools can be easily placed in a utility bucket so they are easy to grab and get to work. Use this helpful DIY project for your paint supplies or make a custom shelf for your outdoor storage space.

When the seasons start to take over your home storage space let Mr. Storage help. We offer 3 self storage facilities in Toledo OH. Ready to help you find self storage that works for your garage storage plans, we have options! Choose a location and then rent online or give us a call today.

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