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The following Storage Units will be sold at Public Auction by Mr. Storage and South Toledo Self Storage at on Thursday, November 30, 2017 beginning at 10:00 AM:  

At 717 S. Reynolds Road:

Sherin Henley 1318 Grand Toledo, OH 43606: Toys, clothing, misc.

Joseph Claytor 530 Dewitt St. Holland, OH 43528: Sofa, mattresses, chairs, flat screen TV, DVDs, artwork, speakers, dresser, misc.

Ruth Clark 6602 Dorr St. apt 199 Toledo, OH 43615: Bicycle, microwave, gaming chair, luggage, table, chairs, grill, workout equipment, basketball game, lamp, TV trays, household misc.

Terri Clay 3038 Pemberton Dr. apt 5 Toledo, OH 43606: Table, grill, mattress + box spring, coffee table, cart, chairs, lamps, fan, cabinet, shelf, artwork, household misc.

Michelle Sullivan 3538 Maxwell Rd. apt 1 Toledo, OH 43613: Dresser, headboard/footboard, mattress, sofa, lamp, end table, chairs, table, household misc.

Cynthia Anderson PO Box 13053 Toledo, OH 43613: Window A/C, washer, dryer, luggage, table, mattress + box spring, fridge, chest freezer, kids’ items, misc.

Onevia Allen 1123 Norwood Toledo, OH 43607: Cutlass, microwave, artwork, wheelchair, totes, misc.

Danny Richardson 312 Kennilworth Toledo, OH 43609: Shop vac, Yamaha keyboard, CDs, monitor, records, misc.

Justin Allen 5255 Bentbrook Sylvania, OH 43560: Table, chairs, kids doll house, weights

Connie Sexton 2115 South Ave Toledo, OH 43609: Chest freezer, dresser, table, sofa, walker, toes, luggage, monitor, bed frame, artificial plants, misc.

Dennis Zehender 2355 Bodette Ave Toledo, OH 43613: Table, grill, roller blades, monitor, flat screen TV, coffee table, end table, recliner, keyboard, dressers, mattress, fan, end table, vacuum, wall art, window A/C, hot wheels, misc.

Danielle Bennett 3305 Cherry Toledo, OH 43608: Chair, sofa, luggage, fridge, mattress, chairs, bed frame, household misc.

Patsy Haines 4936 San Joaquin Dr. Toledo, OH 43615: kids’ items, household misc.

Tina Simon 3810 Oldbury St. Lambertville, MI 48144: Craftsman lawn mower, grill, totes, chairs, stools, holiday decorations, misc.

Christopher Harris 1441 Goodale Ave Toledo, OH 43606: Mattress + box spring, dressers, end table, chairs, headboard, sofa, shoes, table, fan bed frame, DVDs, misc.

Timothy Neal 3840 Grantley Rd. Toledo, OH 43613: Totes, folding table, artwork, toolbox, household misc.

Ronnie Ballut 4243 W. Bancroft apt 203E Toledo, OH 43615: Luggage, clothing, hats, cell phone cases, tablet cases, shoes

Lavivian Langston 2408 Amara Dr. Toledo, OH 43615: Dresser, stainless steel fridge, mattress + box spring, totes, table, household misc.

Terry Sessions PO Box 141083 Toledo, OH 43614: TV, chairs, totes, clothing, shelving, cabinet, misc.

Brandon Coleman 2560 Key St. apt 2R Toledo, OH, 43614: Wet/dry vac, headboard, air compressor, hose, luggage, shovel, tool box, lawn mower, generator, misc.

Gregory Toomey 3936 Woodhurst Toledo, OH 43614: Mini fridge, crockpot, roaster oven, lamp, fishing pole, golf clubs, misc.

Takara McDaniel 3840 House of Stuart Toledo, OH 43607: Dresser, mirror, washer, dryer, kids bicycle, headboard, mattress + boxspring, misc.

Carol Perry 1331 Bronson Ave Toledo, OH 43608: Artwork, basket, dresser, floor lamps, table, boxes, misc.

At 2800 Glendale Ave:

Michael McWilliams, 3245 Stanhope, Toledo, OH 43606:  Tools, Gun cabinet, Pet Carrier, Shelving, Shop Vac., Edger, Coolers, Cabinet. Misc.

Sean Stewart, 833 Indiana Ave, Toledo, OH 43607:  Mirror, Table and chair, artificial Tree, Luggage, Bed Frame, Household Misc.

Tonya McCarver 1212 Collingwood Blvd, Apt 102a, Toledo, OH 43604: Dresser, Artwork, Totes, Mattress, Box Spring, Headboard, Misc.

James Mathis 4420 South Ave, Toledo, OH 43609:  Shelving, Clothing, Radio, Iron, Misc.

Shantell Hereford 947 Curtis, Toledo, OH 43609:  Shelving, Kids furniture, Floor lamp, Vanity, Artwork, Misc.

LeiAnna Parney 1231 S. Byrne Rd. Toledo, OH, 43614:  Coffee and End Tables, Vacuum, Mirror, Bed Frame, Mattress, Tv and Stand, Fan, Rug

Julia Cheek 937 National Ave. Toledo, OH, 43609:  Shelving, Coffee Table, Fan, Bed Frame, Luggage

Deanna Crum 4401 Elmhurst Rd, Toledo OH, 43613: Beads/Crafts, Totes, Lamp, Holiday Decorations, Misc.

Ashley Gulley 444 Somerset St., Toledo, OH, 43609:  Wheelchair, Weed Whacker, Exercise Ball, Totes, Misc.

Gregory Anderson 319 21st. St. Apt 11, Toledo, OH, 43604:  Bicycle, Chest Freezer, Artificial Tree, Rake, Clothing

Veronica Gonzalez 339 Eastern Ave. Toledo, OH 43609:  Mirror, Keyboard, Tires, Misc.

Nicola Fritz 5744 Parkside Dr. Tempe, AZ 85283:  Coffee Table, Dolly, Chair, Computer Parts, Misc.

Kenneth Kennard 2616 Eastgate Toledo, OH 43614:  Mattress and Box Spring, Sectional, Rug, Microwave, Bedding, Table, Artwork, Bed Frame, Household Misc.

Eleazar Maxwell 6725 W. Central Ave, Toledo OH 43617:  Vacuum, Floor Lamp, Artwork, Shelving, Weights, Duffle Bags, Books, Nightstand, TV, Microwave, Tool Set, Misc.

Patricia Bak 1562 Archwood Ln. Toledo, OH, 43614:  Mirror, Table, Dolly, Mattress and Box Spring, Sofa, Kids Items, Clothing, Flooring, Dresser, Misc.

Anna Walker 511 Utah St. Toledo, OH 43605:  Luggage, Totes, Kids Items, Metal Shelving, Misc.

At 3770 S. Detroit Ave

Tamika Anderson 3835 Monroe St Toledo, OH 43606: Artificial tree, sectional, dresser, chair

Tamika Anderson 3835 Monroe Street Toledo, Ohio 43606: Microwave, Christmas tree, broom, mop, bedding, lamps, folding chair, totes, toys, misc. 




Looking for a place to store your seasonal outdoor equipment?  We've got space. 

Large units available to store your lawn care, landscaping, painting and other outdoor summer gear.  Come in today!

Reasons to Use a Self-Storage Unit for Your Lawn Care Equipment:

  1. Cost effective & easy access to house your equipment through the winter
  2. Storage units free up valuable space in your home garage
  3. Security with surveillance and personnel
  4. A few lawn care business tips that might make you consider a storage unit strategy for your business

Cost Effective

Keep your expenses low with a month-month lease and many size options.  Today’s wireless technology can free you up making you more mobile which in terms makes your seasonal business mobile.

Free Up Garage Space

Keep everything in one place and if you decide to go with a larger unit, you’ll have to ability to store your entire trailer with the ease to hook up and go as you please.


You’ve invested a good deal in your livelihood as a seasonal business owner. Storing your equipment at your house can possibly be risky when it comes to security. One great thing about storing  with Mr. Storage is that security is built in with gates, security cameras, and personnel whereas your home might not offer the same level of protection.

Call or come in today for a tour. 


We are hiring.

Rental of storage units & U-Haul Moving Trucks
Managing the Accounts Receivable process
Deliver superior customer service through
Maintain clean and well-functioning site

Competitive wages
Storage discounts
Bonus Potential
Comprehensive hands-on training
Friendly work environment

Retail, hotel, equipment rental or property management experience strongly preferred
Excellent customer service skills
Able to work independently and with others
Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel & computer proficiency
Marketing or sales experience is necessary
Availability to work weekends REQUIRED
Clean employment background and drug test
Valid Drivers License and dependable vehicle
Flexible Schedule

Submit your resume to: mr dot storage dot toledo @ gmail

(September 2017)


NEW MAIL SERVICE available at South Toledo location - have your mail delivered and get a private street address for your small or home-based business.   (July 2017)


AWWW... one tenant just came in paid for another tenant's July rent as part of #payitforward movement.  Kinda made my Saturday!  Take care of each other out there, ya'll.    (June 17, 2017)


Summer Hours

We are updating our office hours to be more available when our customers need us. 

Our new office hours are as follows:

Monday -Friday   9am - 6pm
Saturday - 9am - 2pm
Sunday 10am - 1pm

Monday - Friday 9:30 am - 6pm
Saturday 9am - 2pm

Monday - Friday 9:30am - 6pm
Sat 9am - 2pm

Gate Access hours remain unchanged - 6am - 10pm EVERY DAY. 

Tell us what you think here -


Meet Kyle! 

Kyle is the new site manager for Glendale Ave location.  We're excited to have him, and for some exciting new updates happening at our Glendale Location. 

Stop in and say Hi!


Nickname: never really had one

Favorite food… Pizza

Favorite color… Blue

Favorite Holiday is: Christmas

My favorite season is: Summer/Autumn

When no one is looking, I… sing (shh.. don’t tell anyone)

If I could meet any famous person, it would be… Ellen DeGeneres

I am grateful for…. My family and friends

Most clever storage tip I can share… keep your doors locked :P

Something unique about me… I love movies. I go see a movie about once a week

What is your favorite summertime activity? I love going camping and cooking out with the family


U-Haul Truck Rental

Mr. Storage now offers convenient U-Haul truck rental at our Reynolds Road, and South Toledo locations.  Call now to resesrve the truck for your next move. 

Storage Insurance
Mr. Storage has partnered with SafeStor to bring you an excellent storage option.  We are not selling this, but offering it through our insurance partner. 

Decide whether private Insurance is right for you

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