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December 8, 2020

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter Storage with These Tips

As we grow closer to peak cold weather season, think about your vehicle and consider if winter storage is the best option to protect it. Mr. Storage has three storage facilities in Toledo OH that can securely store your vehicle until the weather gets warmer again. We also offer drive-up, interior, and temperature-controlled storage units to handle all your storage needs. Find storage with us today! Then use these tips to prepare your car or truck to be dormant for a while.

Wash the Outside

When you come to pick up your vehicle from storage, you will not want to deal with dirt and bugs that have been on your windshield for months. Give your car a nice deep clean and a wax beforehand to protect against rust and paint damage.

Vacuum and Wipe Down Inside

With the same thought process as washing the exterior, do yourself a favor and clean your entire vehicle before parking it in storage. Take some time to vacuum crumbs and collect garbage that might attract pests. Clean up any old spills, and check for items inside your car that you might need while it is at the storage facility.

Prevent Moisture in Your Gas Tank

The best way to prevent moisture in your gas tank is to fill it with gas. If you plan to keep your vehicle in winter storage for more than three months, you should also add stabilizer.

Mr. Storage: The Best Self Storage in Toledo OH

Ready to put your vehicle into winter storage? Come down to your closest Mr. Storage facility to talk with an expert about getting started with us. Our self storage facilities on Glendale Avenue, Reynolds Road, and Detroit Avenue are equipped to give you the most convenient storage in Toledo OH. Besides vehicle storage, we also offer temperature-controlled storage units and drive-up storage. Find your storage solution here, and start renting online today!

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