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November 3, 2018

We Are Giving Back to Toledo OH This Holiday

The holidays in Toledo OH are a special time and Mr. Storage is here to help you stay organized. With our 3 self storage locations in Toledo OH, we are sure to help you store your possessions in your ideal location. Our vehicle parking in Toledo OH keeps the spare car out of the driveway until spring. Stop by any of our storage offices to see how our Toledo OH self storage can help.

As we say goodbye to another successful year, and welcome the new year, let us not forget those in need. Each one of our self storage offices choose an organization to assist this year. Help us with all three, or just one, either way we are so very excited to give back to our community.

Mr. Storage on Glendale Avenue is supporting a family from the Lucas County Child Services. The annual drive has made children feel loved and cared for during the holidays. Waiting for adoption or living in foster care can be hard on kids searching for the right family and with your help we can bring a smile to many faces. See our full list of items to donate and then drop them off in the box in the office.

Holidays in Toledo OH

Our storage office on Reynolds Road is working with the Salvation Army and their Angel Tree Program. This year Mr. Storage on Reynolds Road selected 6 children to help make the holidays a memorable time. The giving timeĀ is now and The Salvation Army has been in neighborhoods throughout the United States for many years. They support families during natural disasters, when families fall on tough times, and of course during the holidays. We can work together to help the our community have a great holiday.

Holidays in Toledo OH

Along with self storage tips, our South Toledo OH storage facility has tips to make this holiday special. Not only will it warm your hear to give, but you can make a lasting memory for a family. Rebekah’s Haven is a shelter in Toledo OH for mothers and children seeking better living accommodations. The ultimate goal is to make children feel safe and provide an opportunity for mothers to get back on their feet. Be generous with us this year and donate to a cause making a real difference in many lives.

Holidays in Toledo OH

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