March 6, 2018

Packing For Storage: All You Need To Know

Soon you will be sitting with the windows open and a nice spring breeze coming in, is your home in need of some sprucing? Storage packing tips will show you the best ways to move your winter belongings into the ideal storage unit in Toledo, OH.

After a long winter and many snow storms your living area may need a good cleaning, which you may decide there are a few items not benefiting your space. Take the tips below and use them as a checklist for spring cleaning and gearing up for the transition to storage.

Seasonal Storage Packing Tips:

storage packing tips Toledo OH

  • No one wants to lift a large box that is heavier then expected, so keep heavy items in smaller boxes.
  • Fill in gaps within containers with clothes or towels. Use this mentality when putting everything in storage as well. The space under chairs and dressers are viable areas to store.
  • Mark each box with the destination visibly on the outside, so your movers know exactly where to put them. If they are going to storage label them with a location in the unit, front, back, etc.
  • Deconstruct the bed frame and any other furniture that can be smaller.
  • Layer pictures and mirrors with foam pieces or blankets. Before transporting them place two pieces of tape in an “X” across the glass to prevent it from shattering.
  • Maybe hiring a moving company is the way to go. Talk with our store manager for convenient local movers.
  • If it is friends or professional movers speak with them about a month from when it is time to move. Keep them in the loop of any timeline changes.

Break out of the winter blues with self storage in Toledo OH. Mr. Storage packing tips make storing fast and easy. That way you can get to the backyard BBQ and summer vacation.

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